Sunday, July 22, 2007

Well, on to Plan B

It's so freaking hot out right now, and I'm soooo tired that we wound up just eating a bagel for dinner last night. I had a horrible day earlier, just trying to get a 4 litre of milk. The local grocery store is not the most careful with it's stuff and I twice bought milk that was spoiled and had to return it. To make matters worse, the front door of our building was vandalised last night and so I couldn't go back in through it, and had to circle the building to go in the back door, and the elevator is out again, so I had to walk 5 flights of stairs 3 times, just to get the damn milk. With the humidity, it was about 44 above out, that's 111F, yikes. I wound up dripping in sweat and had a 20 minute heart palpitation attack (I get these if I'm overheated, my heart beats about 280 beats a minute.) All together, it just wore me out, so much for my vow to get more active this week. I wound up fast asleep for 4 hours and dinner is no where to be seen.

So, Plan B for today:

Bump todays menu to tomorrow, start the bread in the bread machine as soon as I get home from work at 3pm or so, and start the soup in the crockpot at the same time. I will try to make the quinoa salad when we get hom from the practice, but I have a feeling that bread and soup will be enough.

For tonight:

We'll have the packaged asian salad I bought yesterday, and a mocha ricotta mousse for dessert to pump up the protein a bit. So far today I've only been able to manage a couple of bowls of raisin bran.

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