Tuesday, July 24, 2007

And now introducing Plan C

It's still so hot around here, the meals I had planned for the week seem so heavy so now I'm revising the meal plan for the week again.

Last night I did make the veggie chowder, as planned, but didn't wind up making the Quinoa salad. O was not nearly as hungry as I feared he would be, so the soup was enough. He made himself a cheese melt later on in the evening, not the best choice, given his current weight (310 as of last Friday), but he'll burn loads of calories this week, so I relented.

I decided the Spanish Rice Casserole in the crock pot would just feel like lead in my stomach this week. We had it for dinner last week too, and, even though it's one of O's favorites, I thought I'd make the Quinoa Salad for tonights dinner, much more of a hot-day kind of meal, and it's portable. I was starving by the end of practice last night, it was too hot to eat much during the day, and will probably be just as hungry tonight. Turns out that it's not O I have to worry about feeding this week!

For lunch today I didn't plan ahead well, and wound up picking up something at the little lunch store in the overpass. I've promised myself I wouldn't, it's a great little place and they do have healthy options for quite cheap (today's lunch was a turkey on whole wheat sandwich, milk, satsuma and a sesame snack) but it's still an unecessary expense, I can just as easily pack up my lunch at home, with a little effort. O wound up finishing the loaf of bread last night, I didn't think we'd go through it so fast, so I'll have to put another one on in the bread machine as soon as I get home. Hopefully O has finished the dishes like I asked (not much luck on that one, he's pretty sleepy after practice last night, and has 4 more this week, yeesh!)

Later on tonight, if it's cooled down enough, I will hopefully make some apple-carrot muffins. I don't have a recipe, I'm wanting to do some experimentation on good, high-fibre muffins to freeze. Tomorrow, I had to do lots of housework and pick up a rotisserie chicken, but given how hard it is right now even to just tidy up, winding up with me out of breath and dripping with sweat at the least effort, I might just ditch that plan, get down to the air-conditioned Y for some exercise and put together a composed salad with what I have in the fridge and cupboard.

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