Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday's Plan

Yet another football practice tonight (2 days into the season and I'm worn out, and I'm not even playing!) Tonight's dinner will be a quickly grilled or seared round steak with the quinoa salad leftover from last night's dinner. I'm not getting too fancy at all today.

Breakfast will most likely be very, very simple, toast and an egg. The lunch I have planned is a peanut-butter sandwich with grated apple and carrot and a dab of honey mixed into the peanut butter, along with some veggie sticks and dip, but I'm not really feeling that right now.

We're going to go to the Y for some swimming and much needed air conditioning, then I'll see what I feel like when we get home. Maybe a pita pizza, or some hot dogs. I know I've vowed not to buy any more food this week, other than milk or eggs, but I'm not sure if I could stand another sandwich this week, and I sure as hell can take anything heated up for lunch. It's supposed to be over 40C this afternoon (for any Yanks out there, in Farenheit that's "Ohmygoditsfreakinghot" above.)

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