Sunday, July 22, 2007

Planning for a crazy, busy week

O starts his football practices this week, with at least 4-2 hour practices a week for three weeks. I work as a manager in an event-driven restaurant, so I can adjust my work hours to fit my life, to a certain extent, but with all the hiring I have to do in the next two weeks, and the upcoming concerts, it's going to be a pretty tight fit.

We've been eating so bad lately, between my hectic schedule and the heat wave we got going on right now, we've been eating way too many hot dogs and potato chip dinners, not to mention the cost of take out and convenience food is killing me. I've gotta get back on track with my meal planning and home cooking, and here's where I will be trying to kick my butt a bit to keep me on track.

It's supposed to be at least +35 almost every day this week. I don't have air conditioning in my 5th floor apartment, so I'll be putting all my ingenuity into figuring out how to make breakfast, lunch and dinner without turning on the oven, and, hopefully, the stove. I'll be making heavy duty use of my bread maker, crock pot, and toaster oven, and we'll probably be having some antipasti and dip meals this week.

So, here's the plan so far:

Monday - I'll be at work early (for me, 9am) and at work all day. O has to be at football practice by 5 pm and needs to be as hydrated as possible and needs to have a large meal after every practice to prevent cumulative fatigue. Tomorrow night I plan on making a Cheesy Vegetable Chowder in the crock pot, a large batch of Quinoa Greek Salad and a loaf of Semolina Country Bread in the bread machine, and save enough leftovers for Monday nights dinner. This is a standard fall back meal for me, I'll post the recipes during the week.

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