Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rethinking my meal plans

Been eating a bunch of sandwiches or eating from the buffet at work lately, my work pants aren't fitting too well, and O has somehow managed to put on 10lbs after a week of football practice, so it looks like I'll be doing some (shudder) low fat cooking for the next little while.

With that in mind, dinner tonight will be... Pizza (yeah, but it's homemade, so it won't be that bad)

I bought a lb of whole wheat pizza dough at the local Italian specialty shop last night (I went for tortellini and spent $30, better than usual, though!), and have some feta, ricotta, mozza and a little tub of mini-mini bocconchini, along with a leftover hot italian sausage and lots of veggies to put on the pizza, so it should be yummy.

Breakfast today was Shreddies with milk and a bit of sugar. Still not sure what lunch will be. My appetite is pretty low lately, while O is never full, so food has not been the happiest subject for me this week. I think I will leave it up to O to make himself something healthy and filling, I'll grab some soup at work before the crowd comes in.

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