Friday, August 10, 2007

Back again

Haven't been posting much lately, after the unholy heat there came the unshakeable flu.

O's first football game is tomorrow, I'm so proud of him. Even though he was sick this week, he dragged himself out to 3 of the 4 practices scheduled, and only missed one because he couldn't be more than 5 feet from his puke bucket, yuck! He hasn't lost any weight according to the scale, but I can see the difference in his body, and in his energy.

We were eating pretty badly for the last 2 weeks, I just couldn't bring myself to cook, I was knocked on my ass by this flu for a week, and couldn't manage to eat anything harder to digest than saltines and potato chips.

I'm feeling much better today, felt well enough yesterday to start's Couch to 5K program. I made it through my first jog/walk/stagger last night during O's football practice. I'm aiming to be jogging 3 days a week and doing yoga, either my own program or a dvd 6 days a week.

Tonight's dinner was definitely a treat, one I shouldn't repeat too often. Perogies fried with bacon, onions and mushrooms.

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