Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dinner Plans for the week

Since I'm still feeling sick and shaky, tonight I'm going for simplicity, Beef and Bean Burritos made with leftover chili I made in the crock pot last week and froze in 1 cup serving sizes, along with cheese and avocado, rolled up in whole wheat tortillas. I'm stoked because the local brands have finally gone trans-fat free. I haven't eaten wraps, burritos or quesadillas in a long time because of the trans-fat thing, and it's great to have some really easy food options back on the menu!

Tomorrow is payday, which means a big shopping trip for groceries. I want to hit some of the ethnic grocery stores, Sun Wah for greens and sauces, Dino's or one of the Indian stores for spices, curry sauces, dried beans and various pickles, one of the Portuguese or South East Asian stores for seafood, an Italian grocery for pesto, olives and cheese. It'll be an all-day trek kind of thing, so I'm not sure what I'll do for dinner. Maybe a nice anti-pasti/savouries plate with some pita from Halal and lots of fresh veggies.

Thursday is a football practice day, so it'll have to be something filling, maybe a meatball sub for O, and a little sub with salad for me. Friday is another practice day, so again, something quick and filling, pasta perhaps. Saturday is game day, but it's a late game, 5:30, meaning O can't eat after 2 pm or so, and we won't get home until at least 9pm. Yikes, that's going to suck big time. Will have to pack a picnic lunch for myself, and something for O for right after the game. Last week I was sooooo starved by the end of the game, the little snacks I'd packed were not nearly good enough, so I'll need to put together something more substantial this time, and something to tide O over until I can get some food into him, if this game is anything like the last one, he's going to be exhausted and hungry!

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