Friday, August 17, 2007

Back in the Saddle

I'm feeling much better than I was in my last post, not shaking uncontrollably and pouring in sweat just walking to the bathroom! Yikes!

Yesterday I finally managed to do a reasonably good grocery shop, went to the big organic superstore in the Village and picked up a few sauces and stuff that are handy, and scoped out their stock for future trips. They have elk! Elk stewing meat, elk sausage, even elk garlic coil! Which is good because their organic beef is like $30/lb, ouch. Totally not doable for us. O would eat a pound or two to himself.

The dinner plan for this week (from Friday to Thursday, for clarity's sake, lol):

Last night: pan fried round steak with brown rice and a tossed salad
Tonight: beef stew with red wine (I had a glass last night, lets just say it's a good cooking wine!)
Saturday (game day): baked beans in the crock pot with smoked sausage and corn bread (freeze half the corn bread)
Sunday: the roast chicken dinner I've been meaning to have for weeks, and haven't defrosted the stupid chicken, with roast potatoes and some sauteed broccoli
Monday (freezer dinner): chili and cornbread, both frozen from different meals
Tuesday: whole chicken legs roasted with sweet potato, onions, peppers and asparagus
Wednesday: sliced, pan fried polenta with hot italian sausage and tomato sauce, and a salad
Thursday (making chicken broth): tortellini minestrone

I have even planned out some breakfasts and lunches with that, so I don't fall back off the wagon so quickly.

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